Elements of an IT subculture

Elements of an IT subculture

Published: May 31st, 2004

IT people express their cultural differences in part by complaining about other groups. The following examples of IT complaints are taken from Jeffrey Stanton’s research paper, Conflict and Cooperation: Occupational Subculture of IT Employees.

– “Managers think they know how to get things done, and they think they can estimate how long it will take, but really they have no idea.”

– “I have always said that I would have a great job if it wasn’t for the users.”

– “There is a huge sort of — pardon the term — ‘Amish’ kind of sensitivity to technology here. They are afraid of it. They don’t trust it. They don’t embrace it for what it can deliver.”

– “When you are making a transition from a legacy system to a new system, you are going to get a lot of resistance from people who have built their careers on knowing everything about the old system. That’s their power in the organization.”