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Why managed service providers will be key to your future growth

When executives at COMDA Advertising Connections decided to transform the promotional products company, they knew they couldn’t go it alone.  They wanted their employees...

How the City of Shawinigan reinvented itself as a smart city

Industry flocked to Shawinigan, Quebec in the early 1900s because of its hydroelectricity. Now, the city wants to create the same draw by investing...

Gradual replacement of a legacy system

Sooner or later, most organizations face a problem with legacy systems. Such systems could have outdated or restrictive functionality or they could be very expensive to operate

Elements of an IT subculture

IT people express their cultural differences in part by complaining about other groups. The following examples of IT complaints are taken from Jeffrey Stanton's research paper, Conflict and Cooperation: Occupational Subculture of IT Employees.

SASsing a plan

Businesses and IT departments are hearing, or reading, again and again that business intelligence (BI) solutions have measurable return on investment, and as such should be high on spending priority lists.

W.C. Wood tackles legacy data islands

Streamlining business is a top priority for one Canadian manufacturer as it revamps its ERP systems over the next seven months, according to Ted Sehl.

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