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Development culture and SOA

If distributed computing, abstraction, loose coupling and service-orientation are foreign concepts to an organization, it should seek help from a consulting firm with a solid SOA track record. But that doesn't mean the consultants should run the show

Wii winning in Europe despite 1 million PS3s unit sales

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) console has reached 1 million unit sales in PAL regions, including the U.K. and the rest of Europe.

Driving Operational Excellence

Every IT executive strives for operational excellence. How do you use innovation to drive it? How do you raise the bar high enough to meet the needs of your customers? How do you obtain the right resources

Analyst Outlook: How’s your credibility bank account?

CIOs cite credibility as critical to their success. Yet credibility is hard to win and harder to keep.

Lenovo likely made concessions to win U.S. approval

Lenovo Group Ltd. likely offered concessions to U.S. government officials in order to win approval for its US$1.75 billion acquisition of IBM Corp.'s PC business, but any deal is unlikely to have a negative impact on the Chinese company's business, analysts said Thursday.

Forty-seven years after an IT shop is born

Imagine your boss comes to see you

To outsource or to automate?

There is a growing alarm in Canada, and elsewhere, about the outsourcing trend. Some IT jobs have already moved from North America to lower cost locations in Asia and Eastern Europe. The fear that more IT jobs will move is one of the forces holding down IT salaries and reducing the new entrants to the field.

Elements of an IT subculture

IT people express their cultural differences in part by complaining about other groups. The following examples of IT complaints are taken from Jeffrey Stanton's research paper, Conflict and Cooperation: Occupational Subculture of IT Employees.

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