New business models for Internet-driven financial services companies

Click and Mortar

Provides on-line banking services for existing client base as a value-add and to increase usage of lower-cost self-service channel.

Virtual Banking (pure play)

Customer access is fully restricted to Internet channel. Back-end processing as automated as technology and regulation allow.

Product Aggregator

Plays the traditional role of the broker with a superior value proposition for the consumer with tools and opportunity to find better pricing.

Demand Aggregator

Assembles individual buyers to capture group discounts. Site pools buyers together and facilitates a group purchase so that the more they buy, the lower the price.

Event Aggregator

A network of interlinked Web sites that enables the completion of a task — is the purview of function-specific destinations, such as (for mortgages), (for consumer finance offers), or (for doctors, insurers, and patients).


Allows the customer to buy product at dynamic prices.

Reverse Auction

Allows the customer to state how much they are willing to spend and the manufacturer bids/accepts the customers’ business.

Non-Financial Institution White Label On-line Banking

Non-financial institution provides on-line banking for its customers as an extension of its services.

Syndication/Portal Alliance

Repackages selected content, tools, and applications from the primary banking site and creates a bundle for other sites such as CANOE.

Niche Banking/Vortal

Provides on-line banking functionality, content, and tools relevant to a specific target group such as women or small business.