Dell Computer Corp. has unveiled a model in its OptiPlex desktop line that will deliver new Rambus Inc. memory technology to the “mainstream” desktop. Rambus dynamic random-access memory (RDRAM) generally runs faster than today’s standard – and much cheaper – synchronous DRAM (SDRAM) and is touted by some as its eventual replacement. The OptiPlex GX200 runs on a 600-MHz Intel Pentium III CPU, has 64MB of PC700 (700-MHz) RDRAM, a 10GB hard drive and an 8MB graphics card. A monitor isn’t included in the price of US$1,149. The OptiPlex GX200’s motherboard fits in mini-tower-style, medium and low profile, and small form-factor cases. A higher-end OptiPlex comes with a 667-MHz PIII, 128MB of RDRAM, and a 17-inch monitor, priced at $1656.

Prices listed are in US currency.