Entire industries have sprung up to protect Windows users from previously unknown flaws, while malware authors have matured their practices from juvenile pranks to moneymaking criminal enterprises.

Here are the worst Windows flaws we’ve endured since the introduction of Windows 98.

A type of coding flaw on several prominent Web sites that could jeopardize personal data and in one case, drain a bank account.

However, there’s always room for human error as a recent Excel reformatting fiasco which figured in the largest bankcruptcy case in U.S. history illustrates.

Recent Patches:

Adobe patches Flash clickjacking, clipboard poisoning bugsAdobe patches Flash clickjacking, clipboard poisoning bugs

Advice and Tips:

What to do in response to the DNS bombshell

You’ve got until Nov. 24 to pitch your DNS fix to the U.S. gov’t

Partitioned kernels strike at core of software flaws

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