Freemont, CA-based Daintree Networks has licensed Certicom’s Security Builder MCE and Security Builder Crypto products for use in its ZigBee-compliant wireless embedded networking tools and platforms.

Security Builder MCE is a software cryptographic module for microcontroller devices that provides symmetric encryption as well as integrated key exchange and digital signatures based on elliptic curve cryptography (ECC), explains Certicom. Optimized for small code size, Security Builder Crypto is a cross-platform cryptographic module for constrained environments.

Daintree will incorporate Certicom’s EEC security into its Sensor Network Analyzer (SNA) for certifying ZigBee Smart Energy products.

Both companies are members of the ZigBee Alliance, which supports the IEEE 802.15.4 standard for wireless monitoring and control devices used in energy management, building automation, industrial, medical and home automation applications.

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