Cynics invited to crack encryption system for a million bucks


A maker of security software is boasting the world’s first unbreakable data encryption system, and offering a million dollars to the person who can crack it.

Permanent Privacy, made by a London, U.K.-based company of the same name, is calling out to the inevitable cynics to decipher a sample of ciphertext. The patent pending technology has been verified by Harvard cryptanalyst Peter Schweitzer, the company said.

According to managing director of Permanent Privacy, Peter White: “You can now send e-mails and store data with 100 per cent security. Even the Pentagon can’t read your secrets if they don’t have the keys.”

The technology, the company said, is targeted at businesses that want to avoid a public embarrassment as a result of loss or theft of sensitive data. And, to individuals concerned about private e-mails being intercepted, and about files stored on their computers.


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