The Apple-Samsung patent trial was expected to be bitter, but Samsung’s release of documents to the public that the judge said aren’t admissible during the hearing has added another dimention. This article from said Apple filed an emergency motion which may be dealt with by the judge Friday when the trial resumes.  “This deliberate attempt to influence the trial with inadmissible evidence is
both improper and unethical,” Apple told the judge.

Here’s a link to the first day’s hearing and to a story that details what Samsung did.

For its part Samsung has complained that by excluding some documents the judge hasn’t allowed the company to completely make its arguement that Samsung didn’t copy Apple designs. This article from CNET outlines Samsung’s defence, saying it’s move was not intended to sway the jury and didn’t violate any legal or ethical standards.

It’s dicy to go to the edge with a judge, but there’s a lot at stake. Samsung’s lawyers may feel that in a civil trial it can take a chance. We’ll see this week if it gets away with it.