It’s harder to execute than it is to communicate, but one analyst says that the practice of acquiring the right outsourcing service boils down to one childish bargain.

“You show me yours and I’ll show you mine,” said Rich Evans, vice-president of enterprise data centre strategies at Meta Group. He continued by stating that far too many companies suffer economic and organizational loss because they were not clear in exactly what they want outsourced, resulting in redundancies in service or neglected service.

To avoid such a nightmare, Evans urged firms to communicate what they want from an outsourcer as effectively as possible.

“Pull [your network map] out and say ‘Look, here is how I do my changes (to the network,'” he said. “You tell me when you are making changes so we don’t step on each other.'”

Evans was presenting to a group of Meta clients in Toronto, where he spoke about outsourcing, service and support, enterprise data and media, and asset centres.

Mark Scott, CEO of N-Able Technologies, an

Ottawa-based software vendor and service provider, agreed that communication is the key to finding the right fit.