Commscore releases February Web traffic stats


Genealogy, tax and lottery web sites saw gains in Internet traffic last month from Canadian surfers, while Google, Yahoo and Microsoft properties got the most visitors, according to ComScore Inc.’s Media Metrix service.

The property with the largest percentage increase in unique visitors was mobile software vendor, which had nearly 2.5 million visitors in February, up 301 per cent from January.

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The site category that saw the biggest increase was genealogy, which had 2 million unique visitors in February, up 19 per cent from 1.7 million in January. Tax sites overall had a 17 per cent increase, with the Canada Revenue Agency’s site getting seven per cent more unique visitors in February.

Google and Microsoft sites got more than 22 million unique visitors in February, Yahoo got 16 million while Facebook and eBay were fourth and fifth with 15 million and 13 million unique visitors respectively.

Commscore did not count traffic from Internet cafes, mobile phones or personal digital assistants.


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