Cisco COPS QoS


Cisco Systems Inc. has announced that it has added a standard protocol to its QoS policy management software that enables users to deploy multivendor policy servers in their networks. Cisco rolled out COPS QoS Policy Manager (QPM-COPS) software designed to provide customers with guaranteed quality of service for data, voice and video traffic on enterprise networks. QPM-COPS also has a directory interface for aligning QoS policies with user information stored in the directory. QPM-COPS has pre-defined service templates that enable users to define and provision differentiated services across the enterprise network. Network administrators can provision service levels such as “real-time traffic” or “mission critical traffic” network-wide and deliver these service levels to selected users or applications, according to Cisco. Through its directory interface, QPM-COPS is able to share policy information with other directory-enabled applications, Cisco said. Additionally, QPM-COPS can publish information to enterprise directories according to the Directory Enabled Network policy schema in development in the Distributed Management Task Force and IETF, the company said. QPM 1.1 with QPM-COPS is available now for US$9,995. Cisco, of San Jose, Calif. can be reached at

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