CBL offers data recovery advice to NB flood victims


CBL Data Recovery Technologies Inc. is assuring New Brunswick flood victims that “all is not lost” with their water damaged computers and digital cameras.

With the waters of the St. John River returning to normal, the Markham, Ont.-based data recovery service provider advised individuals and business owners returning home that their computer and memory card files are salvageable. Some of the tips offered up by CBL include asking people to avoid turning on flood-damaged devices, exposing water-damaged media to heat and attempting to place water-logged media in the freezer. CBL also advised against cleaning or opening water-damaged devices.

“When individuals and business owners assess the damage caused by flooding, they should know that data on their computers can be very resilient,” Bill Margeson, president of CBL, said in a release. “Files on flood-damaged laptops, PCs, and servers can be recovered. Even priceless photographs on memory cards can be rescued.”

To help achieve this, CBL suggested individuals remove the damaged hard drive from the computer or memory card from their camera; place the media in an air-tight plastic bag to prevent it from drying; pack it in a box twice its size using foam, bubble wrap or anti-shock material to prevent movement; send one drive per box, and then ship to a reputable data recovery firm overnight.


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