Carrier briefs

Published: February 22nd, 2001

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has unveiled the latest in a line of mobile phones that incorporate PDA functions into a cellular handset. The phone features a touch-panel liquid crystal display. The PDA includes basic functions such as scheduling, telephone directory, notepad and e-mail. The PDA can be synchronized with Microsoft Corp. Outlook. Samsung is on the Web

Rapid5 Networks Inc. recently introduced the RCP-700 Rapid Convergence Platform, which provides Internet traffic offload, multiservice gateway functionality and broadband access concentration. Among other capabilities, the RCP-700 intercepts and packetizes data traffic before it hits a Class 5 telephony switch, providing relief from long-hold Internet dial-up connections. Rapid5 is targeting major incumbent local carriers with NEBS Level 3 and other certifications, and an open softswitch interface to accommodate products from multiple softswitch vendors. The RCP-700 is slated for commercial delivery around midyear. Rapid5 can be found on the Internet at

Copper Mountain Networks Inc. introduced a T-1 line card and an integrated access device (IAD) that allow carriers to offer integrated voice and data services to customers that are too far from a central office for DSL service. The line card, known as the CopperEdge T-1 Line Card, can be deployed in Copper Mountain’s CopperEdge 200 and CopperEdge 150 DSL concentrators. It has 12 ports and can be placed in a CopperEdge chassis that is being used concurrently for DSL. The line cards will be generally available in March for about US$9,995. The IAD, called the CopperRocket 508T, is Media Gateway Control Protocol-enabled, allowing it to work with softswitch technology. The 508T, which digitizes, packetizes and compresses voice calls, supports T-1 speeds ranging from 128K to 1.568Mbps. It will be generally available in March and will be priced at about US$1,599. Copper Mountain is on the Web at

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