Published: January 31st, 2006

Jim Makela has been appointed Vice-President, Information Technology for the Skidmore Group of Burnaby, B.C. His major challenge will be reducing the cost of IT by replacing custom-written legacy systems with commercial off-the-shelf solutions, along with managing the people, process, and organizational change that comes with such a large undertaking. Mr. Makela spent two years as Director of Information Technology for Autostock International, also of Burnaby.

Ron McKerlie is the new Corporate Chief Information and Information Technology Officer, Chief Strategist Service Delivery, for the Province of Ontario. Based in Toronto, he will be responsible for the modernization of the Ontario Government’s Information and Information Technology assets and implementation of the eOntario set of initiatives. Mr. McKerlie was previously Vice President, eBusiness for Rogers Communications Inc., Toronto.

Jim McDade has assumed the role of Senior Vice President and CIO of Purolator Courier Ltd,

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