Published: September 30th, 2002

Alex Volkoff has been appointed CIO of the Canadian International Development Agency. She is based in Hull, Que. Prior to joining CIDA, Ms. Volkoff spent four years as director, Planning, Coordination and Evaluation Division, Technical Cooperation Department, for the International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna. Among her priorities will be ensuring that her department is able to demonstrate the cost and value of what IT contributes to the business.

The former CIO of the Province of British Columbia, Arthur Lee Denny, has moved to the private sector, joining SAP’s operations in Calgary. Mr. Denny was appointed the Smithsonian Institution’s first Chief Information Officer in 1994, developing that organization’s acclaimed Internet World Wide Web presence and a number of other electronic outreach initiatives. In recent years Mr. Denny established an oil and gas management consulting practice in a large international IT services company, helped define the chief information officer function in an Alaskan pipeline services company, and performed operational assessments of several Year 2000 program offices.

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