Earlier this fall a wireless LAN using an external antenna to couple two buildings was giving intermittent service. Two techies (for safety) went onto the flat roof. The one who lost the coin toss had to climb the cold wet tower, about 10 feet, to investigate. He determined the coaxial feed to the antenna had water in it, so a new cable was routed out of the building and up the short tower. In the process of repairs the alignment was off so a third techie was inside the building welling out the readings to the roof techie who welled them to the tower techie.

The building techie could be heard to yell, “that’s it tie it down” quickly followed by “hold it, it’s gone TU.” This was repeated a couple of times before the roof guy welled back ” what are you talking about, he hasn’t done anything??” It turns out the tower guy was getting himself set on the tower and was intermittently blocking and unblocking the antenna with his body.

Andre Baca, Beaverton, Ont.