Calgary provider expands to MDM


A Calgary-based managed mobility services provider has added mobile device management to its portfolio of services to enterprises for iOS handsets and tablets.

Intriga Mobility Inc. said Monday that the MDM service joins its cellular telecom expense management, support desk and procurement services.

There are a number of managed MDM solutions on the market, Greg Amlin, the company’s vice-president of operations, acknowledged in an interview. However, for customers that subscribe to other Intriga services the company has an advantage: It knows who in the organization has authority over various approvals. That means it can automate business processes.

For example, he said, if an employee asks that a lost handset should be remotely wiped, Ingria can send and automated email to the responsible manager for approval. Intriga itself cannot wipe the phone without an OK.

Similarly, he said, when subscriber customer hires a new employee, Intriga is told what department the staffer will join. It already knows the department’s data access policies so the staffer’s cellphone can’t be activated until it is enrolled in the Intriga MDM.

Pricing varies by the number of services customer companies subscribe to, Amlin said, but ranges between $10 and $15 per device per month. MDM is free for subscribers who take the three other services. 

Customers have access to a portal called Wireless Manager 2.0, which lets them set standards and policies, compare carrier rate plans, issue trouble tickets, view invoices and see reports.

While the platform only supports iPhones at the moment, support this year will be added for BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Android operating systems.

Intriga was formed in 2008 and has a software development centre in Edmonton, Amlin said, with a total of just under 20 staff. It has some venture funding, but he wouldn’t identify the backer.

Nor would he name some of the company’s Canadian or U.S. customers, although he did say that across North America Intriga manages 16,000 mobile devices.

At the moment, if you want to subscribe to Intriga’s services it you have to go through the company. It is just starting to recruit system integrators and solution providers. Company president and founder Jeff Hayter said in an interview that the first is Advanced Office Solutions of Grimsby, Ont., which has offices in Hamilton and Brantford, Ont. Hayter hopes to sign up seven more partners in this country.

The model Intriga is looking at is the partner provides support staff through an existing call centre while Intriga concentrates on its platform, he said. Partners will get 75 per cent of customer revenue.


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