Published: December 13th, 2001

Enterasys Networks Inc. announced that it’s rolling out wireless networks on university campuses across the nation, including Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ont., Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, the University of Toronto and the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Ont. Enterasys said the power of mobility lies in students’ and teachers’ ability to learn and educate wherever the curriculum takes them, plus it gives schools a global scope. The company created specialized offerings for certain industries; universities get the “wireless network for connected learning” product, while organizations in finance, government, healthcare and manufacturing get products designed specifically for their business needs. Enterasys is online at

Fujitsu Ltd. last month announced the latest iteration of its tiny hard drives: a 2.5-inch disk dubbed Hornet 15L. It offers a maximum capacity of 40GB. With special head load/unload technology, Fujitsu said it has the platform for 100GB of storage in such a small space. The company said it’s gunning for the top spot among hard drive makers in notebook computers and consumer electronic devices. It plans to begin shipments of the Hornet 15L in January 2002. For more information contact Fujitsu through

Evidence that the third quarter of 2001 was a turbulent one for network component makers was put forth by Infonetics Research Inc. The analyst firm said that worldwide VPN hardware and software revenues were down two per cent in the third quarter of 2001 versus the previous quarter, while firewall revenues were up eight per cent; funds from core and edge routers were down three per cent, with edge routers selling better than core products; revenues for next-generation voice products were down six per cent; optical network hardware declined 13 per cent; shipments of cable modems grew 12 per cent and shipments of ADSL modems improved six per cent. Infonetics is online at