Published: November 29th, 2001

In five years, all digital mobile handsets will be capable of running wireless Java, according to a recent industry report from ARC Group. The report, Wireless Java: Handset & Application Revenue Streams, found that the chief driver for rapid adoption of Java is broad industry support coupled with Java’s potential to aid the migration to 3G. The study predicts that by 2003, 421 million mobile handsets will be Java-enabled and rapid growth is expected to continue until Java becomes “ubiquitous” in 2006, with over 1 billion handsets worldwide incorporating the technology. London, England-based ARC Group is at

WaveSmith Networks Inc. recently announced details of its WaveFlow Element Management System (EMS) for the Distributed Node (DN) multiservice switch product family. The WaveFlow EMS allows carriers to configure the DN multiservice switch product family as well as streamline new service creation by tying directly into existing operation support systems (OSSs). The WaveFlow EMS is based on the Telecommunication Management Network (TMN) model, which defines a standard framework for fault management, configuration, accounting, performance and security tasks. Pricing for the WaveFlow EMS starts at US$17,500 for a basic configuration and is available now. Find the Acton, Mass.-based company at

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