Published: November 29th, 2001

Champaign, Ill.-based Data Comm for Business (DCB) last month announced the release of its Conitel BPF, a frame relay access device (FRAD) that allows remote terminal units and similar devices that use the 31-bit L&N Conitel SCADA protocol to communicate with host receivers over digital-frame relay circuits. According to DCB, this will save utilities, municipalities and other SCADA device users leased line and manpower costs by keeping existing Conitel transmitter units. The DCB Conitel BRF converts each 31-bit Conitel protocol word into an ASCII bye oriented composite, and features asynchronous ports for the remote terminal units of 38.4Kbps, and frame relay composite rates up to 128Kbps. For more information, visit

Working closely with MicrosoftCorp. over the past few months, 3ComCorp. recently announced the availability of over 60 networking products that support the Microsoft XP operating system. The company said products supporting Windows XP include its entire line of 10/100/1000 Ethernet network interface cards (NICs) and wired and wireless mobile solutions. Among 3Com’s connectivity solutions for Windows XP are: 3Com Gigabit Server PCI-X NIC; 3Com 10/100 Secure NIC; 3Com Wireless LAN PC Cards with XJACK antenna; and 3Com 10/100 LAN+56K Modem PC Cards. For products and availability, please visit the company at

In direct response to viruses including Nimda, Blue Worm, Red Worm and Red Worm II, Santa Monica, Calif.-based Flicks Software has released Titan, a proactive solution that protects the Web server by disabling a worm or virus’ ability to infect the server. According to Flicks, Titan monitors all server requests via HTTP for suspicious query formats such as hi-bit machine code instructions. Titan is built upon AuthentiX, Flicks’ flagship authentication solution for Windows servers. AuthentiX allows member-only access that is completely separate from the NT usernames and passwords. Titan is available as a free trial now from