Published: July 11th, 2003

D-Link Corp. has announced Canadian availability of its AirPlus Xtreme G DI-624 wireless router. The DI-624 is a draft compliant 802.11g router and provide 54Mbps bandwidth capabilities in a 2.4GHz environment. It has four 10/100Mbps auto-sensing ports and enables users to securely share files, Internet access and peripherals with multiple users. It includes an embedded DHCP server that will automatically assign IP addresses to wireless clients.

Transceiver line has a new look

TDK Semiconductor Corp. has extended its 78Q2120 Ethernet transceiver line by porting the device to a new semiconductor process. The original design was in BiCMOS, which allowed it to use less power. The new line is produced using a contemporary CMOS process which uses less power and is expected to improve the quality rating, according to the Tustin, Calif., company. The transceivers are used to connect devices that need an Ethernet connection.

Antispam solution verifies addresses

Block all Spam Inc. has unveiled Source Authentication Enterprise Edition, an antispam solution. When an e-mail is sent to a server that has Source Authentication installed, it is stored while an authentication message is sent asking the sender to hit reply and then send. The process is contained in the message transport agent layer, allowing legitimate mass e-mailers to reply. Reverse DNS lookup is used to verify the actual domain of the sender. If the sender’s address has been spoofed, the product will identify that and the e-mail will not be forwarded.