BEA Systems Inc. announced the general availability Friday of WebLogic Platform 8.1, the latest edition of its suite of Java server software for developing, deploying and integrating business applications.

The suite includes BEA’s application server and JRockit Java virtual machine, which were released in March, as well as new editions of its portal server, integration server, and Workshop development environment. The products can be downloaded together or separately from BEA’s Web site, the company said.

BEA, in San Jose, released details of the platform, based on the J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) standard, at its eWorld conference in Orlando, Fla., in March. It is pitching it as a more integrated, unified environment for developing and tying together business applications.

BEA competes in the market for Java server software with IBM Corp., Oracle Corp., Sun Microsystems Inc., open source vendor JBoss Group LLC and a raft of others. Microsoft Corp., meanwhile, is pitching its .Net software as an alternative development platform to Java.

BEA customers can obtain development versions of the products at no charge for one year as part of BEA’s dev2dev subscription program, the company said. Other pricing details for the suite weren’t immediately available early Friday.