Police in British Columbia will be implementing new crime-fighting technology to enhance public safety and improve law enforcement across the province, Solicitor General Rich Coleman announced recently.

The Police Records Information Management Environment (PRIME) system will connect all municipal police services and RCMP detachments in the province in order to share information about criminals and crimes.

“PRIME will transform the way police work, making it easier to get up-to-the-minute information on criminals and to track patterns of crime anywhere in the province,” Coleman said. “Criminals almost always leave clues at the scene of a crime, and the more effectively you can match the details of one crime scene with the details of another, the faster you can catch a criminal.”

Until now, the province’s police services have used a variety of different computer and data systems. The provincial government will ensure every department is on PRIME. B.C. is the first jurisdiction in the country to adopt a province-wide, online police records management system.

“We want to integrate police services where it makes sense,” Coleman said. “PRIME is an excellent example of how we are working with police to improve public safety by pooling resources and breaking down barriers between departments.”