BETT, the UK’s IT in education show, opened Wednesday.

Marking the event, BECTA has announced the results of its autumn 2002 survey of English schools.

Schools were asked to detail how satisfied they were with their ICT products and services – and Apple Computer Inc. was ahead of the pack. The results have been released to help purchasers and suppliers make the right moves when it comes to recommending and purchasing equipment.

The company topped the poll in the Desktop Computers category with an overall rating of 70 per cent – 15 per cent ahead of its closest competitor, Dell Computer Corp.

The company also topped the poll for the robustness of its desktop Macs – 75 per cent of schools said Apple’s solutions were very good or excellent in terms of their robustness in classroom deployment, 22 per cent points ahead of its nearest rival, Stone Computers.

Apple also scores highly in terms of reliability, built-in features and value for money.