The California jury in the Apple-Samsung patent trial will resume their third day of deliberations on Friday as they review three weeks of testimony.
To get an idea of what they might be mulling over, we’ve assembled seveal stories by reporters who’ve been keeping close eyes on the trial.
Josh Lowensohn of CNET interviews several civil trial jury experts, one of whom suggests that Friday could be a decisive day — few want to spend a weekend in a jury room.
On the other hand, when I covered criminal courts in Calgary a number of murder juries extended their consultation into a weekend (although, to be fair, several started deliberations on a Friday).

Martyn Williams of ComputerWorld U.S. talked to five experts with interesting observations
. For example, one said the jury will have to do a comparision of all of the devices mentioned in the evidence. “That will be a slog,” he admits, “but they have no choice.”
Meanwhile CNET reports that in South Korea a three-judge panel ruled Thursday  Apple can’t sell its iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and Samsung its Galaxy S2, Galaxy 10.1 tablet in the country because the two manufacturers violated each other’s patents. Interestingly, the court ruled that consumers couldn’t possibly mix up the products — there are differences in design, the court noted. And they have different logos.

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