The global courtroom war between Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics is going to keep us entertained (or bored) for the next few months, so be warned: Stock up on whatever it is to keep your sanity in check until judges have sorted this out.


Apple, Samsung on eve of Austrialian trial

But remember as any legal slugfest goes on, the claims made by either side can be highly entertaining. One of the lastest from Apple has got the dander up on a Forbes contributor linked to here: That Samsung’s patent royalty demands are “unfair.”

What’s unfair? Samsung is demanding $12 for every iPhone Apple makes to licence its intellectual property. Meanwhile Apple wants $30 for every tablet Samsung makes to use its IP. There’s an argument that this is apples and oranges (different patents), but you might be persuaded from this piece that there’s some nose-stretching going on.
Why this is important: Money. U.S. carriers this week reported in their quarterly results they sold a combined 7.9 million iPhones in three months ending June 30. That’s in the U.S. alone.