Reg Alcock is a Winnipeg MP who has made it his mission to identify and explore the significant changes that are and will be occurring in government as a result of IT.

In 1999, he helped initiate the Crossing Boundaries project, which was organized by the Institute of Public Administration of Canada (IPAC) and sponsored by the federal departments of Finance, Health, Industry, Justice, Revenue, Treasury Board Secretariat and Human Resources.

The first phase of this project brought together MPs, senior public servants and others to explore the privacy implications of a more integrated approach to service delivery.

The second phase, begun in April 2000, was designed to address the key strategic issues relating to the impact of IT on governance and government structures.

Three additional federal departments have joined this phase as sponsors:

Citizenship and Immigration, Heritage, and Intergovernmental Affairs.

Over the past year, the Crossing Boundaries project has held a series of roundtables across the country to help the federal government develop clearer terms of reference for guiding and developing e-government.

In this interview on the eve of the Lac Carling Congress, Reg discusses the challenges and dilemmas facing governments as they attempt to use IT to become more efficient and effective.