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Future talk

Lac Carling's "secret formula" is all about connecting diverse people and ideas to shape and deliver a vision for the future of government in Canada. This year, the formula was applied to the Congress itself at a panel session designed to envision what Lac Carling might become over the next decade. One of Lac Carling's strengths has always been its ability to evolve and grow, the panelists told participants, but success in the past does not guarantee future success. While Lac Carling has become the place to come for ideas about service transformation, it must continue to provide leadership to stay at the forefront of change. Therefore, they said, it is important to take a hard look at what works about Lac Carling, what doesn't and what will be important to keep it relevant over the next decade. n

On track to better customer service

In the fiercely competitive freight transportation business, CN Rail has moved to the top of its class by emulating the highly responsive and reliable capabilities of the trucking industry. A high-performing IT department has enabled them to do it.

Designing for

Today, the job of the CIO is to facilitate businesse

Business To The Power Of ‘e’

Now that e-business has foundered, many CIOs are left wondering what to do with the wreckage.

An interview with Reg Alcock

Reg Alcock is a Winnipeg MP who has made it his mission to identify and explore the significant changes that are and will be occurring in government as a result of IT.

Developing An e-Strategy for British Columbia

Electronic service delivery (ESD) is the new goal for governments of all stripes. Federal, provincial and municipal governments are increasingly aware of the Internet as a potential delivery channel and many ministries have already put their information and programs online. Yet, most governments are still focussed on the most basic forms of ESD and have yet to tackle the more challenging aspects of ESD. This is not surprising. As any bureaucrat will readily attest, changing how government works is not an easy nor an enviable task. And when that change involves more than one department, such as implementing a comprehensivene-strategy, the challenges increase exponentially.

Back to School: A Survey of University-based IT Executive Development Programs

Now that IT is playing an increasingly important role in both the strategic and operational management of...


Have IS organizations finally "got it"? Are businesses actually beginning to see their investments in information technology...

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