Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) announced on Tuesday the release of its latest chip for servers. The AMD Athlon MP 2400+ processor is available immediately in systems from 47 different vendors, the company said in a release.

AMD has been looking to gain more users on the server side of its processor business, and the Athlon MP 2400+ will be the company’s second chip for multiprocessor servers manufactured on its 0.13-micron process in Dresden, Germany.

Targeted at large enterprises and research institutions running complex applications, AMD said the x86 processor architecture will speed up processes.

“With the AMD Athlon MP processor and its superior floating point capability, leading enterprises and research institutes can get the high performance they need to stay in front of their computing requirements,” said Marty Seyer, AMD vice-president, CPG’s server business segment, in a statement.

The AMD Athlon MP processor 2400+ is proced at US$228 in quantities of 1,000 units. Prices of the other Athlon MP processors will likely fall as a result of the introduction of a new processor, a common occurrence when a new chip is introduced.

– With files from IDG News Service