CHICAGO – New Energy Technologies has made a turnkey mobile wireless communications platform so public safety organizations can set up a temporary wireless system in emergencies.

The company, which makes instant in-field communications for government and municipalities, says its NETwrkx Starter Kit supports internet, VoIP, video and data communications can be set up in less than an hour and will cover more than a square mile.

The US$46,893 ruggedized kit includes four wireless mesh nodes from Ottawa’s BelAir Networks, mounting tripods, four Honda power generators, a Linux server, a Linksys switch, wireless video cameras, a wireless phone bridge and a CDMA or GPRS cellular modem, and associated equipment required to support video conferencing and surveillance, voice services, data and high-speed internet connections.

Options include upgrading the core nodes, an outdoor wireless camera and a GPS navigation system.

“We designed this Starter Kit for agencies looking to achieve instant interoperable communications and visibility in disaster and emergency situations,” Dave Kimberling, CTO of New Energy Technologies, said in a release.

The Starter Kit can manage and assign multiple levels of QoS across all users and applications enabling the prioritization of critical voice and video traffic.

The Kit supports Wi-Fi, WiMAX, 4.9 GHz Public Safety, 5.9 GHz ITS, 4.4 GHz Military bands or any combination of these frequencies on a single network.

It can be purchased through BelAir Networks.

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