3M Canada Co.’s Office Ergonomics are designed for mobile computer users and include the newly-launched 3M Adjustable Notebook Platform, the 3M Polarizing Lighting Products and the 3M Renaissance Mouse. The adjustable notebook has a movable wedge design that angles the notebook towards the user between one and two inches to improve wrist angle and viewing posture. It also features a built in mousing area with a gel-filled wrist rest. The lighting products extend glare solutions to all reflective surfaces in an office. They include both desk top task lights and filter sleeves that condition existing fluorescent lighting. The Renaissance Mouse features a handshake design that helps to keep wrists and forearms in a more neutral position. For more information on any of these products visit www.3M.com/cws. The 3M Adjustable Notebook Platform is priced at $85, while the 3M Polarized Lighting products start at $167, and the 3M Renaissance Mouse is priced at $98. 3M Canada in London, Ont., can be reached at 1-800-364-3577.

Prices listed are in US currency.