SDN to break out in 2015, says HP

LAS VEGAS – Hewlett-Packard believes the opening of its upcoming software-defined networking application store may be the move organizations need to shift from piloting SDN to implementing the long-talked about technology. The online

Published on: June 10th, 2014 Howard Solomon

IBM beefs up software-defined storage strategy with updates

IBM Corp. made a focused push into the software-defined storage (SDS) market at its Edge conference in Las Vegas this week, announcing several updates to existing products to include SDS capabilities and some new

Published on: May 20th, 2014 Brian Jackson

Cisco fleshes out software-defined networking model

The dream of a programmable network linked to applications -- also called software-defined networking -- has been promoted by almost every vendor that makes a data centre product. Today Cisco Systems Inc. fleshed out

Published on: November 6th, 2013 Howard Solomon

Security, network teams should look over their shoulders

Hardly a day goes by when we don’t handle an IT security-related story – hacking, spear-fishing, network intrusions, the NSA/CIA/ CSEC…. It’s a long list. So you’d hardly expect that network security teams

Published on: October 21st, 2013 Howard Solomon

SDN: So near and yet so far

NEW YORK – Software-defined networking, in the words of industry analyst Eric Hanselman, is “the bright shining star” in infrastructure that is dazzling IT. It promises to essentially make virtualizing networks automated, allowing

Published on: October 4th, 2013 Howard Solomon

What SDN can and cannot do for your network – Part 2

Software defined networking (SDN) is still at the early stages of development and adoption. In this video interview, Rami Rahim, executive vice-president of platform systems division at Juniper Networks, offers some advice to

Published on: October 3rd, 2013 Nestor E. Arellano

What SDN can and cannot do for your network – Part 1

Software defined networking (SDN), an approach to computer networking that enables network managers and administrators to control network services using software, is still a relatively new concept. As such, many organizations are still

Published on: October 3rd, 2013 Nestor E. Arellano

Canadian security vendor enthusiastically backs SDN

NEW YORK--One of the biggest boosters of the nascent software-defined networking technology is the head of a Canadian company that doesn’t make switches or servers. “It’s the largest fundamental change in the network

Published on: October 1st, 2013 Howard Solomon

Infoblox to offer new way of measuring networks

The traditional definition of an IT network is changing in the face of BYOD and SaaS applications. If so, how does a network administrator measure the network, and more importantly, measure the changes

Published on: September 26th, 2013 Howard Solomon