Will nanotechnology lengthen retirement age?

In 30 or 40 years, we'll have microscopic machines traveling through our bodies, repairing damaged cells and organs, effectively wiping out diseases. The nanotechnology will also be used to back up our memories

Published on: October 1st, 2009 Sharon Gaudin

IBM examines nanotube chip cooling

IBM researchers on Monday said they are looking at ways to improve heat management in carbon nanotube transistors to prevent them from self-destructing. The researchers have found ways to measure the temperatures of

Published on: March 1st, 2009 Agam Shah

Beware of the ‘electronic butler’ in 2008

TORONTO -- Both enterprises and consumers will catch up to the reality of technological change that is the “double-edged sword” this year, according to Deloitte’s Technology, Media & Telecommunications (TMT) predictions for 2008.

Published on: January 22nd, 2008 Kathleen Lau

Xerox saves toner and energy with nanotechnology

Researchers at the Xerox Research Centre of Canada (XRCC) received the 2005 Best Emerging Technology Award from CATAAlliance for their environmentally-friendly toner technology, called Emulsion Aggregation (EA). EA, the company says, has several

Published on: July 4th, 2005 Rosie Lombardi

Ontario CIOs eye wireless, IM and

Governments need to be diligent in tracking technology trends in order to provide the right applications and services to citizens at the right time, Ontario's chief technology officer told delegates at a recent

Published on: May 1st, 2003 Blair McQuillan