Canada behind in ICT development

The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) released their flagship annual report this week “Measuring the Information Society 2013” with ICT Development Index (IDI) 2012 and 2011. Source: ITU Measuring the Information Society Report 2013. There

Published on: October 8th, 2013 Stephen Ibaraki

ITU head urges moderation for next forum

After December’s cat fight at the World Conference on International Telecommunications in Dubai, things settled down for a few weeks. But they’re about to heat up again.In May the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)

Published on: January 31st, 2013 Howard Solomon

Second-class Internet may be coming, says CIRA head

The odds of a “second-class Internet” where major content providers like Google refuse to send content to strictly regulated countries have been increased with the approval of a global telecommunications treaty, says the

Published on: December 18th, 2012 Howard Solomon

Canada among countries refusing to sign WCIT treaty

Canada, the United States and a number of other countries have hung up on a global telecom summit. The countries said Thursday they won’t sign new regulations agreed to at the World Conference

Published on: December 13th, 2012 Howard Solomon

Confusion over WCIT resolution

The final draft resolutions approved by governments at the World Conference on International Telecommunications include ways of avoiding bill shock when roaming and making it easy for travelers to find emergency phone numbers.

Published on: December 13th, 2012 Howard Solomon

Russia, China back down at WCIT

As the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT) draws to a close the pace of negotiations is picking up. According to the latest report, Russia, China and other countries at the Dubai conference

Published on: December 12th, 2012 Howard Solomon

Hackers temporarily impact WCIT conference

It should come as no surprise, but the controversial UN conference on telecommunications has been hit by hackers presumably unhappy with the international confab. Hacking Web sites is a popular weapon of protest

Published on: December 6th, 2012 Howard Solomon

The real issue at the WCIT conference

A lot has been written about the World Conference on International Telecommunications (WCIT), organized by the International Telecommunications Union, as a long-needed update to ancient telecom regulators. Because of some public statements by certain

Published on: November 29th, 2012 Howard Solomon

ITU head tries to clear air on upcoming meet

With two months to go before a major international telecom conference in Dubai, the secretary-general of the International Telecommunications Union is getting defensive about allegations the meeting may end up increasing government control

Published on: October 1st, 2012 Howard Solomon