What is enterprise architecture?

A new landmark paper from the Federation of Enterprise Architecture Professional Organizations (FEAPO) has found, quoting Michael Porter's research, that more than 80 per cent  of organizations do not successfully execute their business strategies.  In

Published on: November 14th, 2013 Stephen Ibaraki

Business alignment ‘disastrous’ for IT

Aligning IT with the business has been a disaster for IT departments.The notion, which has underpinned so much management practice in the last decade, was dubbed "the biggest fraud in the industry", at

Published on: June 21st, 2012 Mike Simons


COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLEServices-oriented architecture (SOA) may be "the best thing since bread came sliced", says a Canadian analyst, but surprisingly it hasn't gained much traction in the marketplace. Today, a mere two-fifths

Published on: May 3rd, 2007 Kathleen Lau

In conversation: an exclusive interview with FedEx CIO Robert Carter

Rob Carter needs a truck to carry around all of his professional awards. Fortunately, as CIO of FedEx Corp, he has plenty of vehicles at his disposal. Among his many honours, Mr. Carter

Published on: September 30th, 2004 David Carey

From the Editor-in-chief

This, the June 2003 issue, marks the completion of ten years of publishing CIO Canada.In those ten years, more than 100 CIOs have been featured, as representatives of notable technology-enabled business initiatives or

Published on: June 3rd, 2003 John Pickett

Four IT lieutenants needed

Most IT management staffs "are a kludge of unstructured hirings, promotions and compromises," said Jonathan Poe, an analyst at Meta Group Inc. Therefore, new CIOs who want to succeed past their honeymoon period

Published on: February 17th, 2003 Computerworld U.S. staff