Our freedoms are being restricted

I just read Poonam Khanna’s column in ComputerWorld Canada and have to agree completely. (“Freedom of speech on the Internet sucks,” Feb. 9, 2001, page 14.) Common-law tells us that we all have the right of “fair use.” In other words, we can make comments about a copyrighted work and include limited portions of the work in the process. People/governments are (successfully, unfortunately) trying to restrict and control us at every turn.

Our society has lost sight of some very fundamental truths. God gave us free will so that we could choose to worship him, rather than be forced to. Our governments are working to force us to do (what they consider to be) the right thing, whether or not it is. By not educating people and letting them make informed decisions, whether right or wrong decisions, we end up with a society of fools.