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UK’s plans to hire hackers slammed

A plan by Britain's security forces to recruit former "naughty boys" to help protect the country's IT infrastructure from online attacks meets with steep opposition

China’s Great Firewall blocks Twitter, other social sites

Canadian Internet researchers report clamp down on Twitter, Bing, YouTube, Flickr,, MSN, Hotmail and Blogger as China prepares for 20th anniversary of the bloody government crack down on pro-democracy protesters at Tiananmen Square. Here's how you can circumvent the block and view China Tweets

The IT issue Harper should bring up with Obama

CIOs will be called upon to implement software standards like XBRL, which will pave the way to a modernized securities disclosure system based on interactive data. But first the Canadian government needs to put in place a single national regulator

DRAM makers to get government bailout

As manufacturers face one of the worst market downturns in history, Taiwan, Germany and South Korea all appear poised to offer some assistance to their DRAM chip makers

Yang departure won’t revive Microsoft’s Yahoo takeover bid

Microsoft's Ballmer says 'acquisition discussions are finished.' But he leaves door open for search collaboration deal with Yahoo

ITU challenges ICANN to involve governments

The head of the International Telecommunications Union complains governments have only an advisory role in the organization that manages Internet names. However, an ICANN executive says governments may run the ITU but not his organziation

Open-source group sues Quebec over MS purchase

Montreal-based Facil wants government to take European approach to software purchases.

Open source group sues Quebec over MS purchase

The provincial government is making a move towards Vista and a Montreal-based industry association says other alternatives should have been considered. A lawyer looks at software procurement's changing landscape

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