An Oracle official says the deadline for finishing the latest enterprise version of the platform can’t be met without leaving some components until later

Oracle struggling to meet Java EE 7 date

Project deadlines are usually immovable objects. But some components within the project may not always be ready no matter how much effort has been put in. If possible, however, the bulk project may hit deadline without those components, which can be added later.

That’s what’s going to happen with Java Enterprise Edition 7, promised by Oracle Corp. for the spring of 2013. As this story from ComputerWorld U.S. details, a company official says that date will be met — but without support for cloud technologies such as platform-as-a-service and multitenancy.
The notification for delay has been sent to the Java EE 7 Expert Group, according to a blog from Oracle’s Linda DeMichiel, which is referred to in the news story. DeMichiel says the features that can’t make the upcoming release will be in Java EE 8 in 2015. She adds that EE 7 will have some cloud support.
Java developers will get to hear more about Oracle’s plans for the platform at the end of the month in San Francisco at the annual JavaOne conference.
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