ITWORLD CANDADA CURATED: A Samsung study of people who watched a TV commercial for its Galaxy tablet confused it with an iPad. What does this prove?

Apple-Samsung trial: Tablet confusion

The patent war in a California courtroom continues with the filing of a report that people watching a TV commercial for Samsung’s tablet thought it was an Apple iPad. Hmmm. iPad gets to the market first, markets the heck out of it and, suprise, people think every tablet is an iPad just from seeing a picture of it! Even though the commercial displays the word Samsung!

You read the story from CNET. It does caution that this is still Apple presenting its case and Samsung has yet to come up to bat.

Still, I’m not sure this bit of evidences this proves anything more than a) Apple marketers are geniuses, or b) Samsung hired the wrong marketers. Actually, as the story points out, the study was done in the early days. Today, Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs are doing quite well in sales.

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