Randstad’s CIO looks online for increased value in staffing and hiring


    Finding the right person for a job is difficult no matter what method you use, but Andrew Dillane can’t afford to ignore any of them.

    As the CIO of Randstad Canada explains in our most recent episode of CanadianCIO TV, his firm is building upon its success in traditional approaches to staffing and recruitment by looking more closely at how its customers are using Web sites and portals in order to provide more value.

    He doesn’t use the term on camera, but I think Andrew’s approach is a good example of how an organization starts to think more about what’s called an “omni-channel” strategy. In other words, most companies traditionally set up a shop or office somewhere and expected customers to find them. The growing influence of mobile computing, social media and the Internet in general have changed all that. It’s about making sure you’re everywhere customers are and ensuring you have something relevant to offer them.

    Andrew is also a past president of the CIO Association of Canada, and this clip was filmed during its 10th anniversary Peer Forum in Toronto.