CIO to CIO – Video and Collaboration


    A picture is worth a thousand words. We’ve become increasingly “visually literate” and the web has made that ubiquitous in our personal lives. Yet many of us struggle with email, conference calls and text based communication. We miss the nuances, context and the power of visual information. As a result, a great deal of the value of communication and collaboration is simply never realized. Finding the right video strategy and implementing it pervasively is the subject of this video.


    CIO to CIOCIO to CIO is a special production of CanadianCIO TV. It’s a multi-episode series where we delve into in-depth discussions on the strategic use of technology. Our subjects are leaders in their field from major Canadian to international technology and business executives. It walks you through the successes and the lessons learned from Cisco’s internal applications of collaborative technology. From BYOD to Enterprise Apps, this series includes insight into a roadmap for building the new collaborative enterprise. View the series

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