Don’t deploy IT tools – change the way your organization works: Edmonton CIO


    When the City of Edmonton first tried to transition from Microsoft Office to Google’s Suite of productivity tools (now G Suite), it didn’t go very well at first, shares CIO David Booth.

    The level of functionality we see with the tool today wasn’t quite there. The rationale of saving money and cost avoidance through better collaboration didn’t seem tangible. Employees retreated to the tools they knew how to use with Microsoft. But Booth didn’t give up – he reframed the approach.

    “It couldn’t just be about the technology, it had to change the way the city worked,” he said.

    We spoke with Booth at CIO Peer Forum in Edmonton about how he and his team steered the project towards success. Now City staff has adopted an array of digital tools that sees them collaborating at a rapid pace, and even saving money to the bottom line. Watch the video above to hear more.