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Project Prospects: 5 questions to ask to find out if you’re really in control

This is a 4-minute read that explains what it means to be in control of a project, and the five questions you can ask...

Q&A with Alex Benay, CIO, Government of Canada

The Government of Canada's top IT leader shares his thoughts on Alexa, agile methodology, and why "transformation" is a bad word.

David Ossip’s Ceridian — a Canadian success story

How a Canadian leader was acquired by a larger U.S. firm, became its CEO, and recently launched a successful IPO.

Gartner’s ESCAPE model – 6 steps to change leadership

Setting up for a moonshot can seem like a daunting task. To help, Gartner offers six steps to break it down to a series of management changes.

The Business Leadership Podcast: Mark Jaine, CEO at Intelex Technologies

Mark Jaine is President and CEO of Intelex Technology Inc., headquartered in Toronto. Intelex is a worldwide leader in employee health & safety, and quality (EHSQ) web-based management systems.

‘Am I a brilliant jerk?’ and other questions to future-proof your workplace

Future workplace author Morag Barrett says that we all have to bring our work expectations into the 21st century, take a long look in the mirror and ask - "Am I a brilliant jerk?"

The Business Leadership Podcast: Jim Love, CIO at IT World Canada

My guest on this episode is Jim Love. Jim is CIO and Chief Content Officer at IT World Canada. Over the past 4 years,...

GWL job loss due to AI should trigger ethical concerns

A layoff at Great Western Life could be the taste of things to come as more jobs are replaced by A.I.

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