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Security Resource Kit

Security Training Resource Kit

Experts say that training can reduce security incidents by anywhere from 45% to 70%. "We asked ourselves why security training couldn't be fun as well as informative." IT World Canada and it's creative arm, Amazing! Agency have created some training materials which actually make security training engaging and interesting. Each unit starts with a fun video or interactive game and let's you get the interest of the group....

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Application characteristics where graph databases are superior

Relational databases are so entrenched and ubiquitous that we reflexively use them for new application requirements. However, graph databases are better for applications with...


Amazon Canada device lineup 2023: Alexa gets more ChatGPT-like; Echo series expands; FireTVs, Tablets, Ring and more

Generative AI, geeky new Echo features and smarter TVs and tablets headlined at Amazon’s annual fall hardware event. Here’s a list of everything coming...

A peek at some Canadian companies driving innovation with AI

Artificial intelligence (AI), especially generative AI, exploded in popularity only a few months ago, but now it’s on the lips of every business, big...

A look at lesser-known organizations putting AI to work

While Big Tech is busy racing for AI dominance, smaller companies are paving their own quiet journeys with AI, with efficiency, innovation and cost...

Vote now for IT Pet of the Year

IT professionals are passionate about their pets. Those little creatures have kept us company during COVID-19 and they keep us sane through all of the...