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Enterprise customers react to Nortel bankruptcy

The head of an international user association says members are confident creditor protection will give the firm the time it needs to get back in the black. Plus: How Nortel will keep its supply chain going

Crowd smarts

Crowdourcing can help drive product strategies, but it can be a dangerous tool

Workplace security: Eight dangerous technologies

High-tech consumer products and services of all kinds are making their way into the workplace. They include everything from smart phones, voice-over-IP systems and flash memory sticks to virtual online worlds. And as people grow more accustomed to having their own personal technology at their beck and call, the line between what they use for work and what they use for recreation is blurring.

Majority of IT security will be outsourced

A recent report from the Yankee Group points to increasing government regulations, an ever expanding number of threats and vulnerabilities, and rapid changes in security technology as the reasons that 90 per cent of all corporate IT security will be outsourced by 2010.

IT industry optimistic about business conditions

Looking for a cheerful message? A new study commissioned by the Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) suggests confidence about the overall business climate for the next 12 to 18 months.

High-end router on tap from Cisco

Cisco Systems Inc. plans to unveil by June its next-generation Internet core router, a key part of the company's bid to retain its sizable market lead in the face of growing competition from Juniper and others.

Macromedia kicks off Web conferencing push

Macromedia Inc. is expanding its Breeze online presentation offering into a full-fledged Web conferencing product, going head-to-head with vendors including WebEx Communications Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Cisco Systems Inc.

Windows Server 2003 completed, survey says adoption slow

Microsoft Corp. on Friday said it has wrapped up the development work on Windows Server 2003 and will ship the operating system on schedule next month. However, a just released survey by the Yankee Group says that only 12 per cent of the current Windows installed base plans to adopt the new OS in the next year.

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