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Hashtag Trending Feb.15th-U.S., U.K sanction ransomware gangs, new open-source “super cloud” and Salesforce adds gender options

Have ransomware gangs finally crossed “a bridge too far?”, a new “super cloud” says it’s not only open source, but it’s a magnitude cheaper...

Microsoft Inspire: Microsoft 365 announcement roundup

All the big Microsoft 365 announcements made at Inspire 2020.

Facebook at Work: The pro and con considerations for CIOs

The social network is reportedly working on an enterprise version of its service to promote employee collaboration. Will IT leaders ‘like’ it?

SharePoint Conference roundup: One more on-prem version

Lots of capabilities announced for Yammer and Office 365. But will users be forced to SharePoint in the cloud?

Microsoft’s Yammer and NewsGator’s future

Yammer is a competitor to NewsGator's Social Sites, an enterprise social collaboration add-on for SharePoint

Microsoft buys Yammer for $1.2 billion

The deal will boost the enterprise social networking capabilities in Office, SharePoint and other Microsoft collaboration products

Is Microsoft about to acquire Yammer?

It's not clear what Microsoft would do with Yammer and its staff if the rumored deal were finalized

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