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Fake security tools still big threat, worms on the rise

A new edition of the Microsoft Security Intelligence Report reveals the biggest threats to Canadians among worms, trojans, and rogue security software. A Toronto security expert says rogue security tools prey on fear and training

Fortune, not fame main driver of crimeware

Although there are layers of security to contend with beyond compromising an operating system, once in the door, the rest is relatively easy pickings.

Trick the Trojans – switch to Mac, say security experts

Security experts at Sophos PLC are recommending home users should switch to Mac, warning of a huge wave of malevolent Trojan malware attacks.

Worm wiggles its way into MacOS X

A worm that affects computers running Apple Computer Inc.'s MacOS X operating system is circulating on the Internet, according to antivirus software makers.

Kama Sutra virus unlikely to cause widespread damage

A virus that is scheduled to begin deleting files on Friday from infected Windows computers is unlikely to result in widespread damage, security vendors said, although some businesses reported being affected.

Cyber-crime strides in lockstep with security

Information Security made great strides last year. Sadly, so did cyber-crime. In the U.S.

Cisco teams with Trend Micro on security service

Cisco Systems Inc. is expected to announce a number of new security features for its networking products, including a security service it has developed with Trend Micro Inc. that is designed to cut down on the spread of worms and viruses.

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