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To protect your wireless network, break it up

Ryerson computer science researcher Isaac Woungang is working on a security scheme that could change the way messages and data move along mobile infrastructure. IDC Canada asks: Do we need another layer of safety?

HP adds laptop to thin client computing lineup

The company's 6720T Mobile Thin Client has 1G byte of internal flash storage and will be more of a terminal than a full-blown PC, according to executives. Find out what verticals it's aimed at

Free WiFi scam hitting airports

The next time you're at an airport looking for a wireless hot spot, and you see one called "Free Wi-Fi" or a similar name, beware -- you may end up being victimized by the latest hot-spot scam hitting airports across the country. Here's how to protect yourself.

Security Services and Enterprise Risk Analyst

A wireless network should be governed by the same

Organizers shun wireless for GOP convention network

The IT planners began working 18 months ago, evaluating the buildings that would contain 4,800 delegates and twice as many journalists at this week's Republican National Convention in New York. From the start, they agreed on one major infrastructure issue: No wireless.

Students get hands-on WAN training

For Anthony Lucifero, having the opportunity to learn about wide area network (WAN) protocols on a real-life network is better than just reading about them in a textbook.

IEEE: Chinese security standard could fracture Wi-Fi

The implementation of a Chinese security standard for wireless networking could undermine efforts to develop a global standard for wireless LANs (WLANs) and drive up the cost of networking equipment for end users, warned a senior executive at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE) in a recent letter to Chinese government officials.

Intel to develop chip for broadband wireless apps

Intel Corp. is looking to boost its wireless networking push with the development of chips that will be the building blocks in broadband wireless networking equipment that could replace existing last-mile networking technologies, such as cable and digital subscriber lines.

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