Articles Related to wireless communications

Germany site of new public sector research lab

Microsoft Corp. officially opened its new applied research and development lab in Aachen, Germany, in April, roughly one year after the U.S. software giant announced plans to tap expertise on the Continent.

IBM plans new R&D lab in South Korea

IBM Corp. is to partner with the South Korean government and establish a research and development laboratory in Seoul that will concentrate on software for mobile communications devices and telematics applications.

Use portals to drive employee communication

In the new economy work follows you everywhere. Extended connectivity with cell phones, PDAs, wireless communications and the portability of laptops has blurred the boundaries between conducting a professional and a private life. You find yourself clearing e-mail at 10 p.m. or answering voice mail messages even later.

Researchers outline vision of 4G wireless world

They've barely begun tackling the much-vaunted 3G (third-generation) of wireless technology, but leading companies in the industry are already laying the groundwork for what some are calling 4G.

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